Lunch Menus

Don't Forget These Important Dates

  • Tues, Sept. 10 - Kindergarten Grandparent Breakfast
  • Wednesday, Sept. 11 - 1st Grade Grandparent Breakfast
  • Thursday, Sept. 12 - 2nd Grade Grandparent Breakfast
  • Friday, Sept. 13 - 3rd Grade Grandparent Breakfast


Harvest of Month Calendar

September's Harvest of the Month are Apples


Apples come in all shades of red, green and yellow and provide fiber and vitamin C. North Georgia is the center of the state's apple industry. Georgia apples are sold primarily for the fresh market, unlike other states. Ellijay, in Gilmer County, is known as the apple capital of the state because they produce the most apples. Fannin and Hall counties are second and third. There are an estimated 360,00 apple-bearing trees in Georgia. 

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